The Plopsa Group supports these charities

The Plopsa Group supports a lot of good causes each year. Since we often receive requests to support a good cause and we can't respond to every request, we have chosen to select a few good causes and commit ourselves to them.

Iedereen Verdient Vakantie (Everyone deserves a holiday)

Iedereen Verdient Vakantie

The Plopsa parks are there for everyone - including families who are struggling financially. So that they too can enjoy a day at Plopsa, the Plopsa Group has joined forces with Everyone Deserves a Holiday. So these families can enjoy the Plopsa parks with a 30% discount.



Dreams come true, especially in the Plopsa parks! Plopsa and Make-A-Wish have been fulfilling wish children's dreams for years: from meeting their favourite Studio 100 hero to a magical overnight stay at the luxurious Plopsa Hotel with all the trimmings. Together, we make dreams come true...

Free access for refugee Ukrainian children

Gratis toegang voor gevluchte Oekraïense kinderen

These are hard times for Ukrainian children and their parents. In order to be able to escape from reality for at least one day, all Plopsa parks offer free access to Ukrainian children up to 14 years old who have fled their country. Children and adults over the age of 14 enjoy a discount on tickets.

Plopsa, Momentum Capital & CFE double fundraising for Ukraine

Plopsa, Momentum Capital & CFE verdubbelen bedrag inzamelactie voor Oekraïne

Plopsa, Momentum Capital and CFE, the three companies behind the success of Majaland Kownaty, are committed to helping the Ukrainian victims and refugees. Through an online fundraising campaign money is raised that will be donated to aid organisations active in Ukraine and neighbouring Poland, where Majaland Kownaty is located. Plopsa, Momentum Capital and CFE will double that amount.

Move for Life

Move for Life

Plopsa is putting its back into the Move For Life project of Luc Van der Biest, Investment Director of the Plopsa Group. On 18, 19 and 20 May 2023, he's organising the Move For Life Festival, which will raise money for a whole host of local good causes. The hundreds of participants will be doing this through a variety of activities: from rowing to mountain biking.

Pumpkin soup and chocolate for residential care centres and food distribution

Pompoensoep en chocolade voor woonzorgcentra en voedselbedeling

In the autumn of 2020, the Plopsa parks unfortunately had to close their doors. The thousands of pumpkins that the parks had put in a Halloween outfit were transformed by volunteers into 1,500 litres of pumpkin soup, which was delivered by Plop Gnome to a nursing home in De Panne. The delicious Libeert chocolate figures that Sinterklaas had delivered were then donated to the CICERO food distribution centre in De Panne.

2,000 vulnerable children in Plopsaland De Panne

2.000 kwetsbare kinderen in Plopsaland De Panne

On 17 November 2019, 2,000 vulnerable children from across Belgium experienced a carefree day at Plopsaland De Panne thanks to UNICEF Belgium and Plopsa. This took place as part of the 20th anniversary of the "What Do You Think" participation project, through which UNICEF Belgium allows the voices of vulnerable groups, such as children in poverty, refugee children, etc., to be heard in Belgium. The children enjoyed a delicious meal, made drawings and paintings about the Rights of the Child and had fun on over fifty outdoor and indoor attractions.

Roei for Life

Roei for Life

In 2019, Plopsa, together with construction company Van Hulle and Miss Belgium 2019, kicked off Roei for Life, an initiative of the Lift Me Up campaign and The Outsider Coast, which involved rowing for four days in aid of five good causes. The proceeds went to five charities dedicated to minorities, underprivileged and disabled people: Ten Dries, AnVaSport vzw, Merkenveld, JVC Schotte and Shelter vzw.