Celebrate your anniversary in Plopsa Station Antwerp!

Fancy a party to remember? Invite all your friends to your unforgettable birthday party at Plopsa Station Antwerp! We will treat you to free admission for the celebrated, discounted entrance tickets for the invited guests as well as a delicious meal.

Of course, you and your friends can take endless rides in Wickie's Falling Tower, The Smurfs' Adventure, Storm At Sea and all the other exciting attractions in Plopsa Station Antwerp! Want to score a photo with your favourite Plopsa heroes? That too is possible during your birthday party at Plopsa Station Antwerp!

Meet your favourite heroes and experience magical moments during your unforgettable birthday party!

Ontmoet jouw favoriete helden en beleef magische momenten tijdens jouw onvergetelijk verjaardagsfeest!

Your favourite Plopsa heroes and beloved cartoon characters will welcome you with open arms at the newest Plopsa indoor park, Plopsa Station Antwerp! With its unique location, children will be enchanted by the magic of this Plopsa park in no time. More than 15 exciting attractions, spread over no less than 4 floors, are sure to give all visitors an unforgettable day.

What do you want to eat?

Feast on a delicious meal at the Mr. Spaghetti Restaurant in Plopsa Station Antwerp during your birthday party. Take your pick in advance:

Pannenkoek met Nutella
Pancake with Nutella
Kidsbox frikandel
Kidsbox frikandel
Kidsbox chicken nuggets
Kidsbox chicken nuggets
Spaghetti Bolognese
Spaghetti Bolognese
Macaroni met ham en kaas
Macaroni with ham and cheese
Balletjes in tomatensaus met frietjes
Meatballs in tomato sauce with fries
Vol-au-vent met frietjes
Vol-au-vent with fries
Stoofvlees met frietjes
Stew with fries
Halve kip met frietjes
Half chicken with fries
Spaghetti Arrabiata
Spaghetti Arrabiata
Italiaanse salade
Italian salad
Vegetarische salade
Vegetarian salad

Free entry for the birthday boy or girl and discounts for guests

Whoever has a birthday gets presents! That is why the birthday boy or girl receives free access to Plopsa Station Antwerp on the day of the birthday party.

And there is even more good news, because you can invite your friends at very advantageous rates. This way, the party can't go wrong at all!

  • Children up to 8 years: €13.50
  • Children from 9 years and adults: €22.50

For Plopsa annual passholders with a Bumba-FunCard, Plopsa-FunCard, Bumba-GoldCard or Plopsa-GoldCard, access to Plopsa Station Antwerp is included in the subscription. For them, you can reserve a free admission ticket.

A birthday party is possible from 8 people. Prices only valid with a reservation made in advance. To enjoy the advantageous rates, it is compulsory to reserve a meal for each person attending the birthday party. Bringing your own meals or drinks is not allowed.

Totally convinced?

Book your birthday party in Plopsa Station Antwerp in a few clicks online.